About Us

Helping Organizations Identify, Plan, and Manage Change

The Shamrock Group is a consortium of consultants.

Our goal is to assist our clients in recognizing the need for, planning for and managing change in a dynamic business environment.

Based on our combined experience, we have chosen to focus on three main areas:

  • Strategic management,
  • Board governance and
  • Executive development for senior executives.

We believe:

  • Strategic management is the cornerstone of successful change programs.
  • Even the most successful businesses must continue to grow and change as the competitive situation changes in markets and industries served.
  • Effective strategic management requires the full commitment of the leadership of the business at every level – to include the board or advisory board.
  • The implementation process of defining reality, focusing a business and developing the skills necessary to succeed is as important as the development of the plan.
  • Strategic management addresses both short-term and long-term issues and challenges.
  • Strategic management begins at the top team and the successful implementation of the plan is carried out by the organization.
  • Strategic management has to be learned and experienced in order to be effective.
  • Strategic management is a dynamic process. As conditions change, an effective process is one that recognizes these changes in time to seize opportunities and guard against threats.
  • Well-conceived strategic plans are based on objective information from inside and outside of the organization.
  • Skilled and properly motivated boards, executives and employees are critical to the overall success of the plan.
  • An outside facilitator can guide top management through the process more rapidly and efficiently than busy executives.

With these beliefs in mind, we have developed proven development, planning and information-gathering techniques needed for the development of an effective strategic management process.

We are confident, you will find them of interest and believe we may be of service to your organization

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David L. Sullivan
Shamrock Group, Inc.

Why the Shamrock Group?
People think that our name is a result of our founder’s Irish roots. However, It actually refers to the three leaves of the Shamrock which apply to our 3 tiered system, THINK, PLAN, ACT.