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David L. Sullivan is president and managing partner of Shamrock Group, Inc., a management consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado. The Shamrock Group specializes in strategic management and board governance. In this role, Dave also provides advisory, coaching, and mentoring services to boards, presidents, and CEOs. Dave previously served as president and CEO of Partek North America, Inc., a multi-national building-materials company headquartered in Finland, and chairman of its North American subsidiary companies. Prior to joining Partek, he was president of Rockwool Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of the Belgian and French-owned Eternit Corporation, and division president within Borden Chemical, a division of Borden Inc. Dave has also held senior management positions with other Fortune 500 companies including Owens Corning Fiberglass and Owens-Illinois.

John H. Sturman has been involved in building startups in both the brick and mortar and online environments. He has held executive positions at PACE Membership Warehouse, Ingenius, and ProSavvy

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. His consulting company has provided strategic guidance and product development to AOL,, The Rocky Mountain News Online, GTO, LLC.,, MediaOne, Janus Funds and others. His products and presentations have been published in Wired, The Rocky Mountain News, ACM Siggraph, and Westword. For the past 5 years he has been involved in working with companies to design and implement emerging technologies and flexible teamwork-oriented environments that empower employees to create and take initiatives that increase organizational growth and success.