Board Services

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Determining the Need

  • Types of boards and their functions – private, public, non-profit and advisory boards
  • Understanding the pros and cons of board governance
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • The Board – as a group and as individual directors
    • Management
  • Understanding the needs and wants of the enterprise that may be addressed by the board

Building the Board

  • Determining the necessary qualifications of a director/advisor
  • Selecting directors
  • Educating directors and management – defining the limits of governance and management
  • Creating the working relationship
  • Evaluating performance – a two-way street

Board Meetings

  • Setting the frequency and schedule
  • Determining the annual agenda and selection of issues – what will be talked about; who’s issue is it and how does it tie with prior board decisions?
  • Creating and distributing the board package to ensure sufficient preparation
  • Timing and conduct of the meeting
  • The vote and what it means
  • Outcomes in service of shareholders and the company vision

Related Services

Development in:

  • The strategic planning process
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Team planning and management
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities of the board, management and planning team members

Customized Support Tools

  • Process techniques and customized facilitation guides
  • Guidelines for creating bylaws


  • Board meetings and retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Executive and director development