Strategic Management

A process leading to the development of a direction and strategic plan to position the organization for the future


  • Use of a proven process customized to your issues and challenges
  • Team based approach
  • Focus on implementation of the strategy
  • Assistance in developing and structuring the organization
  • Development of an internal facilitator to take over the process of facilitation
  • Installation of a review process to keep the plan on-track

Plan Development

  • Assessment of business environment, customer needs and competitive situation
  • Identification and focus on primary issues
  • Renewal or establishment of vision mission and values
  • Establish key objectives and strategies to accomplish them
  • Develop action plans and allocate resources
  • Install review process and establish accountability


A series of programs for keeping the plan on-track


  • Quantitative and qualitative measures established to track performance
  • Plan tied to individual and team performance


  • Installed and facilitated customized review process – a decision making process versus an information exchange process
  • Process for re-establishing priorities and adjusting how resources are allocated during the plan period

Strategy Revision

  • Annual updates of plans to account for changing trends, competitive activity and actual plan performance
  • Incorporate input and ideas of lower levels to formulate annual priority issues, improve key programs and ensure buy-in of the organization


  • Linking the strategic, operating and budget plans together
  • Ensure that plans and accountability are delegated to operating levels